Saturday, April 28, 2012


O spiritual friend fulfilling the hopes of an ocean of living beings, 
remain with us forever as firmly as the great king of trees, 
your branches spreading wise with knowledge, mercy and power
 and heavily laden with the fruits of the three buddha-bodies.

On seeing his form brilliantly ablaze with the marks and signs of perfection, 
one gains liberation; 
on hearing his voice beautifully melodious with the sixty qualities of excellence, 
one gains liberation; 
on thinking of his mind -- the wisdom of the non-duality of profound radiance--
one gains liberation. 
O master remain with us forever, the forces supporting you always steadfast.

This mighty tree stands on the root of having heard one hundred thousand scriptures;
then he applied his mind to their essence like the leaves of the tree rustling in the wind;
finally his branches bowed with the fruit of having meditated upon the course and subtle twofold path.
O excellent one, remain with us and fulfill the wishes of beings beyond number.

--from Long Life Song for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, by Reting Rinpoche trans. Tsepak Rigzin and Glenn Mullin