Monday, December 19, 2011

Lama Tsongkhapa Day 2011

A Prayer to my Precious Dharma Master, Dragpa Jangchub

Homage to Manjughosha!

I pray to my Dharma master 
who created, over eons beyond number,
the powerful and difficult to amass
twin accumulations of virtue and insight,
to become a crown jewel for living beings.

I pray to my Dharma master,
fame reaching far shores of oceans,
a disciplined life lived solely for enlightenment,
wealth fulfilling the hopes of others.

I pray to my Dharma master,
mind renounced, back turned upon samsara,
devoted to the moral law, every action pure,
the tiniest fault cast far away.

I pray to my Dharma master,
huge compassion exchanging self for others,
undaunted in giving self-happiness to others, 
all self-concern thrust far aside.

I pray to my Dharma master,
fatherly love sheltering his son-like students,
all-seeing eyes discerning the reality of existence,
supreme endeavor barring the way to laziness.

I pray to my Dharma master
unsullied by fault howsoever examined,
tears of faith upon seeing him,
surges of faith in devotion from afar.

I pray to my Dharma master,
bowed to by the high and mighty
yet untouched by the pomposity of pride,
showing those with pride greater love still.

Be it in the presence of Maitreya
or in the great realm of Amitabha,
to whichever pure land you travel, 
Protector, may we be born into your presence.
-- Je Tsong Khapa