Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shenphen Rinpoche stabbed in Slovenia

Disturbing News from Slovenia. Shenphen Rinpoche was stabbed.
Below is the translation of this article from a Slovenian newspaper.  Its not a very good translation but English news on this is practically noexistent. 

Dharmaling the Buddhist Congregation in Slovenia, Lama Rinpoche Shenpen who have experienced a vicious attack on Sunday evening with a walk across Golovec, yesterday before the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, said the press event. Rinpoche believes that the attack was planned, because it is one of the bombers just before the attack calling his name. On the other hand, the man who stabbed him, does not know and does not know who is behind this incident and what could be the reason for the attack. In his view, the attack was not religiously colored, much less has nothing to do with intolerance towards minorities, as some implied. Therefore, says: "I do not want to take advantage of this event by individuals or organizations for their own promotion."

This is attempted murder

Case, however, very alarming. Thugs are after the attack Rinpoche threatened to hold back, which is not particularly upset our police classed the incident as a serious personal injury. "It is true that we still breathe, but though the wound is small, it would be fatal if it was the right place. It is therefore an assassination attempt," considering Lama, adding that it would be more appropriate to talk about the planned assassination attempt. According to him, the police are behaving very ignorant, because in the last month in the Buddhist congregation Dharmaling received several threats, which are reported to the police, this is not taken seriously. Rinpoche is already feeling better and hopes to leave hospital soon. Our mission will continue to carry out but will now be more cautious as to when and where it will be lifted.

Police and government are not carrying out their work

The presence of a religious dignitary media to exploit the sociological reality of post-capitalist endeavor comment Slovenian society. According to him, not that very strange, so that crime keeps on growing, because police do not perform work for which it is paid. The situation is even worse because your business does not support neither the government. Instead of working in the welfare of citizens, caring only for the narrow interests of certain groups. "Until when will we receive, by when politicians live in their world?" Rinpoche is still asking, who has often spoken openly of anomalies of the Slovenian society, but as he says, "none of this justifies the attempt to get me to the world."